We believe that strategic, audience-centric communications and research can inspire learning and action and bring about positive change in our world. We partner with agencies and organizations with like-minded missions to advance health, science, and well-being.

Corps Values

The values of our company underpin all that we do.

We challenge ourselves to think creatively. Embracing innovative ideas and continual learning allows us to stay at the forefront of our field and deliver exceptional results to our clients.
We are strategic partners with our clients as they work to advance research and improve the nation’s health. Always curious, we aim to understand not only our tasks, but also our clients’ strategic objectives so we can work together to achieve their missions.
We use effective communication to find solutions to challenges large and small. We strive to understand the varied perspectives and experiences of our audiences, clients, and team members so we can engage meaningfully and achieve common goals.
We believe delivering exceptional work is fundamental to building and sustaining trust with our clients and our team. We take pride in our work, striving for thoroughness and consistency in all deliverables and interactions.
We thrive because all team members understand and perform their parts and respect the roles and expertise of others. We are proactive and accountable. We celebrate personal and collective success and seek to continually improve to better serve our teams and clients.
We are committed to diversity, inclusion, and collaboration. We value the contributions of everyone and believe that diverse teams foster creativity. We cultivate an environment of respect and trust that uplifts and encourages people to share their perspectives.


Lumina Corps was formed to bring effective, best-in-class communications, conference and event strategies, and program support to organizations whose missions inspire us. We were formerly known as NOVA Research Company, a firm with a rich, 35-year history serving the biomedical communications, research, and events management needs of health and science agencies. With new ownership, the company was renamed Lumina Corps in 2022, and we are proud to carry forward an established reputation for excellence, expertise, and customer service.


Beth Maloney Chief Executive Officer
Amy Ewing Chief Operating Officer


Molly Boyajian Program Analyst, Program Management
Jessica Clark, CGMP Project Director, Conferences and Events
Emily Dammeyer Executive Vice President, Communications
Ida Donner, CMP Project Director, Program Management
Dan Eckstein, MA Project Manager, Program Management
Sarah Franklin Communications Associate
Wendy Guild Swearingen, MFA Proofreader/508 Specialist, Science Writing & Editorial
Kara Hannah Meeting Planner, Conferences and Events
Kate Horowitz, MA Senior Science Writer, Science Writing & Editorial
Ann Horton Vice President, Program Management
Almeda Kyser, CMP, CGMP, DES, VEMM Vice President, Conferences and Events
Heather Leonard, CGMP Senior Meeting Planner, Conferences and Events
Kate MacDonald, MS Project Director & Strategy Lead, Communications
Erin Milliken, PhD Vice President, Science Writing and Editorial
Alex Morelli, CMP Project Manager, Program Management
Michelle Murray, CMP, CVEP Senior Meeting Planner/Conference Manager, Conferences and Events
Baneesha Newsome Johnson, CGMP Senior Meeting Planner, Conferences and Events
Jessica Nguyen Communications Associate
Sukhman Sandhu Director, Accounting
Amy Schneider Production Manager, Communications
Kelsey Sugrue, PhD Senior Science Writer, Science Writing & Editorial
Sarah Szurek, PhD Project Director, Program Management
Catherine Traynor Project Manager, Communications

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1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 570
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
(301) 986-1891
Email: info@luminacorps.com